How does Superflaška work?

Superflaška is easy to use.

Fill Superflaška with clean drinking water and close it with the cap. Press the button and in just 3 minutes, the water becomes incredibly rich in hydrogen due to a special technology of splitting water (separating hydrogen and oxygen) through a PEM membrane. During those 3 minutes, a gas composed of 98 % of hydrogen (H2) and 2 % of oxygen (O2) in a form of micro bubbles is filtered through the water.

Hydrogen is the basic element in the universe!

Your body consists of about 65 % of hydrogen. This element also accounts for about 75 % of the mass of the universe. Hydrogen-enriched water has over 300 already proven healing effects on your body and works without any known side effects.

Benefits of hydrogen water

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Start taking care of your health today!

Hydrogen water from Superflaška is a very powerful natural antioxidant. Such water was proven to have no negative side effects.